The Foundation for Hispanic Education

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Would you like to work for an organization that has been making strides in the education of Latino students for over 30 years? The Foundation for Hispanic Education is a growing organization and is looking for talented individuals to be a part of the "familia". Our organization offers its employee's generous benefits packages, professional development workshops, and opportunities for career advancement.


The Foundation for Hispanic Education is looking to fill the following positions:


  1. Academic Counselor
  2. School Psychologist
  3. Principal
  4. Assistant Principal
  5. English Teacher
  6. Mathematics Teacher
  7. Social Science Teacher: History
  8. Science Teacher
  9. Art Teacher´╗┐
  10. ELD Teacher
  11. Resource Specialist Teacher
  12. Spanish Teacher
  13. Campus Monitor
  14. Sped Paraprofessional
  15. Compliance Coordinator
  16. Campus Maintenance
  17. Choir Teacher
  18. Athletics Director


Please visit for more information on our open positions.