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Induction/Intern Support & Instructional Support

Induction/Intern Program
Claudia Moreno - Director of Induction/Intern Program and Academic Special Projects
Ms. Moreno is the Director of the Induction/Intern Program and Academic Special Projects. She has been with TFHE for 12 years. She started as an English teacher before transitioning into administration. She served as a Principal for three years before moving into a Director position at TFHE, where she works with interns and new teachers. 
The primary objective of the Induction Program at TFHE is for new teachers to receive support via a coach that can serve as a thought partner in instructional planning and classroom management. Ms. Moreno also works with the school sites to ensure teachers have content-specific partners and administrative support at the site level. 
Ms. Moreno works with preliminary-credentialed teachers over the two-year Induction program in which TFHE partners with the Santa Clara County Office of Education (SCCOE).  TFHE covers the cost of the two-year SCCOE Induction program for all new teachers looking to clear their preliminary credentials. 
Ms. Moreno also works with Intern teachers as they complete their respective university programs and teacher internship requirements. 
Instructional Coaching Program

The Instructional Coaching Program is a support and professional development opportunity for Teachers provided by our Curriculum and Instruction Department. We want to support you so that you may be the best Teacher you can and want to be.


Instructional Coaching Mission


The mission of our Instructional Coaching Program is to increase growth and learning for faculty and students in a collegial environment built upon trust and collaboration. We achieve this by:

  • Building sustainable relationships with colleagues
  • Supporting teacher practice for the purpose of increasing student engagement, learning, and achievement
  • Engaging in continued professional learning
  • Embodying and modeling a growth mindset
  • Building teacher capacity through the implementation of effective instructional practices
  • Aligning our efforts to our Vision, school site Mission, initiatives, and goals
Nohemy Sánchez - Instructional Coach
Nohemy Sanchez


Mrs. Sánchez is an educator that has been a member of the TFHE familia for 21 years. As a product of public education on the East Side of San Jose, she knew at an early age she wanted to make a difference in the lives of children. Greatly influenced and supported by her family, she earned a Bachelor's degree and a Teaching Credential from the National Hispanic University as well as a Master's degree in Leadership from Santa Clara University.

As a proud bilingual Mexican-American, she feels honored and privileged to work at an institution that serves students with similar backgrounds as herself. She is a firm believer in tough love followed by much-needed support and motivation. As a result of her past AP Spanish courses, her students have learned to become active members of society by researching social justice topics and by being involved in the community.

Mrs. Sánchez decided to transition into an instructional coach position after much thought and consideration with the goal of having a bigger impact across all of the TFHE schools. As an instructional coach, she will support teachers' development and practice by providing opportunities for learning, reflection, and growth in order to provide the best possible learning environment for students.

Christina Azevedo - Instructional Coach
Christina Azevedo

Ms. Azevedo (Ms. A) has been an educator for 10 years, 8 of which have been within The Foundation for Hispanic Education. Her mother’s career in education, and her desire to transform the educational experience for those often left behind inspired her career as an educator. She earned a Bachelor's degree in English from Vanguard University of Southern California, a teaching credential from the National Hispanic University, and a Masters in Educational Leadership from Santa Clara University. She has taught AP Literature & Composition, English 12, English 9, and English 10 Honors. As Senior Advisor, she had the immense privilege of working closely with the Senior class, and is proud to call each one of the beautiful souls she has taught her “kids”.

Education is constantly evolving, and in times such as these, strong educational leaders are more important than ever. In my years of experience in the education field, I have had the privilege of working under remarkable leaders who have truly transformed their communities. As an instructional coach, my goal is aligned with just that. I am blessed to be an educator, and grateful for the opportunity to work alongside, coach, and empower educators within our Foundation.

Instructional Coaches' Vision


As coaches we will be a support system that will:


  • Serve as collaborative partners to aid in the planning, implementation, and delivery of curriculum across subjects,
  • Refine and grow instructional practices that support our diverse group of learners(SPED, ELL, Advanced, Struggling) to foster student growth and develop a more inclusive, safe, and culturally relevant classroom, 
  • Provide opportunities for teacher growth and reflection through observation data, learning opportunities, modeling, and collaboration, 
  • Empower teachers to be risk-takers and grow their practice to increase teacher and student outcomes,
  • Provide 1 on 1 professional development curated for you,
  • Foster and maintain a confidential and safe environment.
TFHE Instructional Coaching Program
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