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Community Engagement

At TFHE, we are deeply committed to not only the well being of our students but to the communities in which we operate in. Since 1981, we have served Bay-Area students and families by providing a quality education, supporting health and educational initiatives and by acting as a liaison between community resources and services. As a non-profit organization, we strive to create an impact, but we understand that to amplify our impact, it takes a village. For that reason, we have partnered and associated with: parents, educational institutions, community leaders, businesses, non-profits, community resource centers and others. A quality education is a vehicle for an opportunity, but at times that is not enough and we require additional resources to help us achieve our goals.

Parent Education & Empowerment


Poder de Los Padres

Through our distinguished Poder de Los Padres program, parents are encouraged to participate in bi-weekly workshops where they will be empowered through education (social, legal, technological, financial), discuss topics and themes that are being taught in their children’s classes, learn tips for tutoring and learn methods to support their child with social and emotional disturbances. Parents will also be given the opportunity to take field trips to local colleges and Universities.




Santa Clara University, Evergreen Valley College, and San Jose City College


In order to bridge the gap between high school and college and to prepare our students for the academic rigors, we have partnered with three local educational institutions: Santa Clara University,  Evergreen Valley College, and San Jose City College. Beginning in the 10th grade, students from all three of our schools are allowed to take two (2) college-level courses (per year). If students pass those courses, they will receive dual credit for both high school and college. We have also recently launched a Career Pathways program that enables our students to gain real work skills at Evergreen Valley College. Inquire within for programs that are being offered.


Hispanic Foundation of Silicon Valley (HFSV)


Through our partnership with HFSV, we are able to offer our students and their families educational resources such as SAT preparation, Girls Who Code, Math for 8th graders, financial literacy, Life Skills, PIQE and much more.




Alum Rock Counseling Center


We understand the importance that mentors and role models play in the social, emotional and intellectual development of our youth. And for that reason, we are a proud supporter of the Alum Rock Counseling Center and the Ocala Mentoring program. If you or anyone you know is interested in becoming a mentor, please contact Celina Chun: at



Food Services:


Second Harvest Food Bank


TFHE has partnered with Second Harvest Food Bank to distribute healthy food to our community. Our campus is a designated site for food pickups on the first Monday of each month between 12:00 pm - 4: 00 pm. We encourage families to stop by and take groceries for themselves or to help distribute those groceries to families in need (Volunteers needed!). If you are in need of a daily hot meal, groceries, summer meals for your youth, please call: 1-800-984-3663 or email:


Clothing Services:


In House


As part of our uniform policy, one day out of the week, students are highly encouraged to wear professional attire to school. We feel that if students look the part, they feel and act the part. However, for students do not have access to professional clothing, we invite them to pick out clothing from our clothing closet. Please have your student inquire with their school administrators about the designated clothing closet.  




Campus Wide


In an effort to bring good people and reputable organizations onto our campus, we are open to sharing our facilities such as auditorium, classrooms, soccer and baseball fields, etc. Just as long as the event or function that is held on our campus is 1) available for use and 2) serves the benefit of the community. For more information, please contact Cintia Guerra, the Facilities Manager at



Helpful Resources:


Undocumented Students_Families

Dreamers Scholarships

Family Preparedness Plan


Immigration Red Cards_How to Use


Immigration Protection_Spanish

Immigration Protection_English

What Can Schools do to Help


Free Immigration Legal Advice


Minimum Wage:


Labor Laws:

File a Labor Claim



File a Claim



Tenants Rights

Section 8 Housing

Housing Authority of Santa Clara

Apartments for Rent in San Jose


We thank you for being part of our valued community and we look forward to assisting you in any possible way. If you are a business owner and would like to inquire about ways in which we can partner for the benefit of the community, please contact Juan Manriquez at (669) 207-6976 or via email at


We love our community!