Vision & Mission


The Foundation for Hispanic Education envisions a world in which all English Language Learner students are provided with the opportunity to learn in an environment that addresses their educational needs, supports cultural awareness, emphasizes their abilities, and provides them with a path to success.

Committed to its mission to identify, understand, and address the Latino education achievement gap through innovation and collaboration, TFHE continually funds and provides resources to support regional initiatives that are innovating and tackling some of the most pressing educational issues facing underrepresented communities.



The mission of the Foundation for Hispanic Education is to provide leadership in the education of English Language Learners(ELL) and the development of specialized training programs for teachers of English Language Learners by:

  • Supporting existing programs to ensure continued achievement.
  • Creating and supporting teacher training programs specifically directed at underachieving ELL students.
  • Providing Information and direction in attaining sufficient financial aid to support post-secondary education admission and retention.