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Facility Update


TFHE Facility Page and Resources

Welcome to the TFHE Facility Page! Please see below for additional information on our standard instructional space inclusions and our state of the art campus.


For any requests from the Facilities/Operations Team by faculty and/or staff, please visit the following ticketing system link and allow 72 hours for responses:


2017/18 Academic Year Facility Update

As The Foundation for Hispanic Education (TFHE) continues to grow as an organization, it became evident that more space would be needed to serve the growing number of students that are enrolling into our schools. In April of 2017, the renovation project of Sobrato Hall West began. The first floor of Sobrato Hall West was in need of renovation in order to better serve after-school programming, parent workshop sessions, and extracurricular events. The space was previously a large library that was not easily divided, as sound traveled throughout the area and fixed furniture made it difficult to have a flexible meeting space. The first floor of Sobrato Hall West has now been created into seven student workspaces with each of them featuring a full-size monitor, speakers, glass boards, and an improved network for student and teacher devices. To complement the modern feel of Sobrato Hall West, new classroom and lounge furniture has been included in the renovation design. Apart from being comfortable and durable, the classroom furniture was designed for flexible configurations. The classroom tables can be moved into groups quickly and quietly as each table contains wheels or is fairly light for students.

John Mathew Sobrato, Director of Assessment and Learning at LCPA, played an important role in the Foundation’s renovation project. When designing classroom and social spaces within the building, Mr. Sobrato wanted to go for an aesthetic that would be vibrant, clean, and adaptable. For the classrooms, this meant that the furnishings not only have to look modern, but also had to empower teachers with the flexibility to easily shift the layout of the room depending on the needs of their students. Mr. Sobrato adds, “Teachers needed to be resourced with 21st-century technology that enables them to leverage the powers of digital platforms, but also allow for a system of different devices and teacher tools to work harmoniously. For the social spaces, the furnishings and layouts had to be open-concept; a layout that emphasized collaborative work, and also needed to possess a bright color palette to make the spaces visually engaging and distinct.” Mr. Sobrato introduced design principles that are currently utilized in many Silicon Valley offices and implemented them into our organization. “As an organization that strives to offer a world-class education that prepares students for the modern world, I believed that it was time that our buildings, furnishings, and atheistic were updated in a way that would make our community proud along with receiving a 21st-century education”, John M. Sobrato.

The Abby Sobrato Center for College Success has been added to The Foundation for Hispanic Education’s (TFHE) second floor. The center serves as a study and leisure area for LCPA students where they can complete tasks ranging from college application and financial aid workshops to student council sessions. The center also holds two new classrooms and houses academic counseling offices for LCPA students.

The Foundation has also made improvements to the campus of Luis Valdez Leadership Academy. During the Summer 2017, Luis Valdez Leadership Academy underwent a complete campus transformation with the reorientation of all 12 modular buildings on campus, the addition of 4 new classroom modular buildings, a new hammerhead fire lane, and re-asphalting of the campus grounds done by ESUHSD. Following these campus revisions, the school received a donation of ten outdoor benches, recreational seating stations, and additional storage to support Athletics and Extracurricular activities. As of October 2017, the TFHE Operations/Facilities Team has been working with ESUHSD to get the school a dedicated modular restroom unit to service the campus with the work scheduled to conclude in February 2018. TFHE is excited to be seeing the new developments take place for LVLA's students and staff with more spaces for academic activities and active playing areas existing for students.

Click on the video link below for a quick virtual tour of our campus!