Future Leader: LVLA Senior Finds Leadership Skills in Sports

Luis Valdez Leadership Academy (LVLA) Senior, Lesley Sanchez, was given the opportunity to be featured on NBC Bay Area news. The story aired on April 15, 2018, and it depicts the incredible story of a resilient LVLA Senior who did not let her hardships define her. Lesley faced challenges such as her parent's separation and a diagnosis of an illness that lead her to go into a depression.

Lesley however, was able to find optimism in sports programs such as Cross Country and Soccer and was able to pull herself out from depression. Being active in sports helped relieve Lesley from feelings of anxiety. She became a better leader on the field and in turn, it helped her become a better student in the classroom. Lesley is an AP student at LVLA and will be the first in her family to go to college. Lesley has happily accepted to attend the University of California, Merced in the Fall. To see Lesley’s full story, please click on the video document attached below.