Get to Know Our TFHE Alum: Alejandro

Alejandro attended RCLA and is now a freshman at UC Berkeley. He tells us about his experience with our public charter high school focusing on leadership, his realities now as a college-goer and his best advice for those seeking a bright future. Here are Alejandro’s own words: 


What are your future plans?


My future plans consist of graduating from the University of California, Berkeley with a bachelor’s in Political Science and Astrophysics. I will then try to pursue a Ph.D. in Political Science once my undergraduate studies are complete. 


How was your academic experience at TFHE?


My academic experience at TFHE school was excellent. I thoroughly enjoyed being part of such an involved community. The teachers and instructors were exceptional at their jobs and did not hesitate to offer their assistance whenever any student needed it. 


What moments at RCLA helped shape/mold you?


I believe that the moments which helped mold me most in school were those involving my participation in Student Government and my role as a school ambassador. I can say for certain that those two experiences allowed me to become a more responsible person, a better speaker, and put me on the path to becoming a better leader. 


What is your advice for incoming and current TFHE students? 


The best advice I can give any incoming student is, “Take your academics seriously.” By taking one’s own academic career seriously from the very beginning, they start to open doors that pave the way for their success. Colleges, universities, and career employers love to see people who are driven and committed. If you can show that you are passionate and have the ambition to succeed, success will follow. 


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