Get to Know the Luis Valdez Leadership Academy!

At LVLA, we are a public charter high school serving East San José with a specialization in Visual and Performing Arts. We commit to providing a rigorous academic curriculum that instills a lifelong passion for learning. We equip our LVLA students with the skills for social and academic success at four-year colleges, universities, local community colleges, and career pursuits!

Luis Valdez Leadership Academy (LVLA) and three students standing together on campus in the sun

Commitment to Curriculum & the Arts


For the 2020-2021 academic year, LVLA’s carefully curated course catalog aligns with A - G Requirements for admission to a UC/CSU school. The most recent data is for LVLA’s 2020 graduating class, hitting these impressive benchmarks: 

  • 100% Graduation Rate
  • 73% A - G Completion Rate
  • 63% Four-Year University Acceptance Rate

Our robust and vibrant Visual and Performing Arts offerings include:

  • ACTOS Program
  • Digital Media Arts
  • Photography


Luis Valdez Leadership Academy (LVLA) and students in digital media lab with iMACS


Digital Media and Performing Arts


LVLA is home to a well-resourced Digital Media Lab, supporting our suite of courses offered in the ACTOS (Digital Media and Performing Arts) sequence. ACTOS is an introductory visual and performing arts and digital media class, which is Common Core aligned and has been approved as a Visual and Performing Arts elective by the UC system for A-G approval.  


Through ACTOS, LVLA public high school students learn the core tenets of acting and theater, as well as how to produce and edit short films and documentaries.  The ACTOS course sequence, which includes Digital Media I, Chicano Theater and Digital Art and Graphic Design introduces and ignites a career pathway for LVLA students.  


Luis Valdez Leadership Academy (LVLA) and student athletes in team uniforms sitting on bleachers


Our lab is equipped with 10 iMac editing stations, 35 iPads, digital video cameras, sound and lighting equipment and a 65-inch LCD TV to project student work.

Well-rounded Graduates via Athletics & Service to the Community

Sports can be a fantastic teacher of character and leadership outside the classroom which is why LVLA offers students the opportunity to compete in seven Central Coast Section sanctioned sports. Community Service is another important way to learn outside the classroom;  it’s also a graduation requirement for all LVLA students. A minimum of 100 community service hours at an approved agency must be completed by all. Giving back is at the heart of how we serve East San José, together.  

Luis Valdez Leadership Academy (LVLA) and new principal Beth Silbergeld

New Principal


We are excited to announce Beth Silbergeld joining us as Principal this year. Known as ‘Ms. Silb’, she brings to LVLA her passion for small schools that center on young people's humanity and identity in their education. 


Ms. Silb is experienced in equity practices and innovates to meet the needs of young people. Even in the face of challenging educational spaces, she is optimistic and stays hopeful in every circumstance. She is an ideal leader for our future LVLA graduates. 

Positive Impact on East San Jose

Through leadership, excellence, responsibility, and resilience, our graduates make a positive impact on the East San José community and beyond. With our emphasis on visual and performing arts, digital media and culturally sustaining pedagogy, LVLA graduates are empowered young adults who are poised, confident and articulate leaders...for life. Join us and see where your future can be. Enrolling tuition-free for grades 9-12, today! 

About TFHE

The Foundation for Hispanic Education(TFHE) envisions a world in which all English Language Learning high school students have the opportunity to learn in an environment that addresses their educational needs, supports cultural awareness, emphasizes their abilities, and provides a path to success. We are committed to identifying, understanding, and addressing the Latino education achievement gap through innovation and collaboration. TFHE continually funds and provides resources to support regional initiatives that are innovating and tackling some of the most pressing educational issues facing underrepresented communities. Enroll tuition-free at one of our three charter high schools today!