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Our school sites and their focuses are:

  • Roberto Cruz Leadership Academy (RCLA) - Visit us at
    • Focus: Social Science Pathways
  • Luis Valdez Leadership Academy (LVLA) - Visit us at
    • Focus: Visual and Performing Arts
  • Latino College Preparatory Academy (LCPA) - Visit us at
    • Focus: Biliteracy and Bilingualism

Join us Monday - Friday between 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. for a personalized school tour - IN-PERSON OR VIRTUAL! Click here to schedule an appointment TODAY!

Change Agents

Over the years 1000+ TFHE students have attended our schools and thrived at two- and four-year colleges and universities and become agents for change in their local communities. For more information, please visit us at 

Conoce Nuestras Escuelas

Los recorridos escolares son una manera fantástica de conocer cada una de las tres escuelas secundarias públicas gratuitas, únicas y dinámicas que componen la Fundación para la Educación Hispana (TFHE). Nuestros sitios escolares y sus enfoques son:

  • Roberto Cruz Leadership Academy (RCLA) - Visitanos en\
    • Enfoque: Pathways de las ciencias sociales
  • Luis Valdez Leadership Academy (LVLA) - Visitanos en
    • Enfoque: Artes visuales y escénicas
  • Latino College Preparatory Academy (LCPA) - Visitanos en
    • Enfoque: Alfabetización bilingüe y bilingüismo

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Sobre Nosotros

A lo largo de los años, más de 1000 estudiantes de TFHE han asistido a nuestras escuelas y han prosperado en colegios y universidades de dos y cuatro años y se han convertido en agentes de cambio en sus comunidades locales. Para obtener más información, visítenos en

The Foundation for Hispanic Education (TFHE) and students walking by Sobrato Hall


With an emphasis on visual and performing arts, digital media and culturally sustaining pedagogy, LVLA graduates empowered young adults who are poised, confident and articulate leaders. Our focus on the Spanish language, for both native speakers and learners, enables students to use their education, bi-literacy and life experiences to create positive change.

Through leadership, excellence, responsibility, and resilience, our graduates make a positive impact on their own lives, their family, our TFHE community, East San Jose and beyond.

Luis Valdez Leadership Academy (LVLA) is committed to providing a rigorous academic curriculum that instills a lifelong passion for learning and equips students with the skills for social and academic success at four-year colleges, universities, and local community colleges.


At LCPA, our innovative curriculum, capable faculty and nurturing environment makes us a viable educational option for each and every student, especially English Language Learners. 

With our focus on bi-literate educational programs, LCPA fills a unique niche.  Our students have the time and focus to reach the academic level of English that is critical for educational achievement, passing standardized tests, and pursuing postsecondary scholastic opportunities.

LCPA is wholly committed to providing our students with a rigorous curriculum, a strong faculty and an environment made up of high expectations and community – a true middle college experience. 

The Foundation for Hispanic Education (TFHE) and opn house


Roberto Cruz Leadership Academy (RCLA) empowers students to become community leaders and socially conscious educators. RCLA implements a rigorous Teacher Academy that integrates technology, real-world projects, community values, bi-literacy, and an environment that promotes personalized learning where students have access to post-secondary educational opportunities. 

RCLA aims to educate students through college prep courses creating academic literacy, critical thinkers, effective communicators and independent problem solvers who are agents of education and social justice with a commitment toward the community around them.

About TFHE 
The Foundation for Hispanic Education envisions a world in which all English Language Learning high school students have the opportunity to learn in an environment that addresses their educational needs, supports cultural awareness, emphasizes their abilities, and provides a path to success.
We are committed to identifying, understanding, and addressing the Latino education achievement gap through innovation and collaboration.  TFHE continually funds and provides resources to support regional initiatives that are innovating and tackling some of the most pressing educational issues facing underrepresented communities. Enroll tuition-free at our three charter high schools today!