Announcement: Congratulating Santa Clara University's Newly Inaugurated President Kevin O'Brien, S.J.

Father Kevin O’Brien, S.J.,

It is an honor and privilege to be congratulating you on behalf of the community of East San Jose. East San Jose is home to nearly 60,000 students, over 60% of whom are Hispanic and Latinx. The low-income neighborhoods of East San Jose represent the working poor of Silicon Valley, families who are dedicated to supporting their children in achieving better lives through Education.

As a Trustee Emeritus of Santa Clara University (SCU), I am proud that it has supported the Eastside community in the past in particular through its School of Law offering classroom programs as well as legal services and clinics on immigration. The School of Education has contributed as well through a partnership bringing Santa Clara University teachers in training and mentors into our classrooms. Five years ago, the University stepped up and made a significant financial commitment and established a teacher training program intended to increase the number of teachers trained in low-income classrooms as well as bilingual teachers who could serve in our east side classrooms.

Now more than ever do we need the leadership of Santa Clara as Silicon Valley fuels prosperity for all except the most poor. We all know that education, of course, is the path to better jobs and careers. I trust that under your leadership we will find new ways to create educational opportunities that will enable our young people to step out of the cycle of poverty.

Again, congratulations and thank you for accepting this role as president of this prestigious university. Hopefully, we can host you sometime in the near future at your EastSide campus.


Ed Alvarez
Former President and Chairman, The Foundation for Hispanic Education
President and Chairman, Latino Education Advancement Foundation