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Meet President Alvarez

Ed Alvarez has extensive background and experience in the education sector. His education experience includes services on various advisory committees, including the Eastside Union High School District and the California Community Colleges Advisory Committee on Minority Affairs. He was elected to the Eastside Union High School District Board of Trustees and served a seven year term during which the District constructed 8 high schools. He served a 7 year term on the Board of Trustees of Santa Clara University as well as the Board Real Estate and Finance Committee; he is a Trustee Emeritus of the University. He served as a member of the Role Model Board of Trustees, an elementary school mentor program. During his law practice tenure, he represented the Mission-DeAnza Community College District and was instrumental in the formation of the Mission-DeAnza Community Foundation, including the creation of enabling legislation required by law.

In addition to his education background, Mr. Alvarez has also had a career in Sports as counsel to the San Francisco 49ers (1977-1990); Executive Vice President of the Oakland Athletics Baseball Team (1995-2000); City of San Jose, Arena Management Corp and NBA relocation (1990-1995).

Mr. Alvarez received his Bachelor’s degree and Masters of Law degree from Santa Clara University.