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Semillas Project



The establishment of the first annual Foundation for Hispanic Education (TFHE) scholarship fundraiser is underway! The Semillas Project will benefit TFHE students from three schools: Luis Valdez Leadership Academy (LVLA), Roberto Cruz Leadership Academy (RCLA); and Latino College Preparatory Academy (LCPA). Students will be exposed to the “real world” experience of developing an idea that can be used as the basis for producing an event that will capture the interest and support of individuals, community and local business for the purpose of establishing a college scholarship fund.  The desired experience outcomes for our students would be, that the students have a “hands-on” experience of taking an idea from conception to a professionally written, produced and directed event.  


What is the Semillas Project?


The theme that was selected for this year’s event is focused on Diabetes and its impact on families, community, and businesses throughout the Silicon Valley.  The subject matter “diabetes” was selected for three major reasons: first, the illness is “color blind”. Diabetes can and does affect every culture in our community. Second, statistics show that the disease is having a negative impact on the production levels of employees throughout Silicon Valley and the country. Finally, it’s a topic that individuals, community and businesses alike would be interested in learning more about and supporting a venue of delivery centered on the promotion of higher education and empowerment of our students. The students will have the unique opportunity to collaborate with Teatro Campesino and a professional film crew to create a documentary on Diabetes and its impact on their families and community.


Please join us to celebrate the successes of our Foundation students by attending the Semillas Fundraiser, which will unveil their Digital Media Art Projects and feature emcee Rick Najera (writer, comedian, author) in conversation with the Semillas Scholars.  Actor, Antonio Jaramillo, will be the feature keynote speaker and will discuss his humble upbringings and how he found a passion for acting and youth activism. Special Guest Speaker: Luis Guzman, Actor, and Activist:  Born in Puerto Rico, raised in New York’s Greenwich Village, Mr. Guzman’s distinguished career started in the late 70’s and he is best known for his character work in numerous roles in movies and television. For more information on the event, please visit Please visit The Semillas Project Eventbrite page to purchase tickets to the fundraiser. 


Our Partner: The Silicon Valley American Diabetes Association


Date of Event: March 11, 2017