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Foundation Spotlight » St. Mary's College Partnership

St. Mary's College Partnership

Partnership with Increasing College Readiness St. Mary’s College

An exciting partnership between Saint Mary’s College (SMC) and The Foundation for Hispanic (TFHE) Education’s three comprehensive high schools: Latino College Preparatory Academy, Luis Valdez Leadership Academy, Roberto Cruz Leadership Academy. The partnership will honor our deep mutual commitment to furthering Latino educational excellence. It embraces the necessity of community engagement, early outreach, high impact support models and cutting-edge curriculum. This distinguished, collaborative partnership will advance building community, learning excellence and innovation at the heart of its mission.

Saint Mary’s College and The Foundation for Hispanic Education will work with students, their families and school to build a promising pathway to college. The partnership is driven to operationalize early student access, parent engagement, preparedness, and skills development as well as student self-sufficiency.

LCPA ABS students gave a Campus tour to St. Mary's Leadership staff. 
TFHE is proud to partner with St. Mary's College! One step further to closing the achievement gap towards Latinx students.