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The Center for Latino Education and Innovation

About Us

The Center for Latino Education & Innovation (CLEI) was established in 2014, under the auspices of The Foundation for Hispanic Education (The Foundation). Through a strong alliance of public and private partners, CLEI serves as the educational architect for building an effective pre-K to college "pipeline" for Latino students and their parents both regionally and nationally.



CLEI works to interconnect and advance the research, practice, and policy to address Latino student's educational achievement, advancement, and family well-being. Additionally, CLEI looks to provide innovative solutions to transform the education of Latino students and their families via a collaborative and responsive community-focused approach.



CLEI has forged meaningful partnerships with the following agencies and organizations, in order to make its pre-K to college pipeline a reality:


Latino College Preparatory Academy

Luis Valdez Leadership Academy

Reading Partners Silicon Valley

Roberto Cruz Leadership Academy

Santa Clara University’s Graduate School of Education and Counseling Psychology



CLEI currently works in collaboration with The Foundation’s schools and nearby to administer and deliver the following programs:


Maestros Accelerator

The Maestros Accelerator program at Roberto Cruz Leadership Academy identifies, trains, and prepares high school students of color to become effective and responsive teachers, in order to return and give back to their communities. The presence of such a program, led by staff and students alike, will put peer teaching mentees on the path to be engaged and culturally sustaining future educators.


In their teaching career, our students will be prepared to face the challenges of being a first-year teacher in a diverse environment, as their necessary training and instruction of curriculum will have started as early as the 9th grade through the Maestros Accelerator program. With the development of these students taking place during such an early and formative stage in their academic careers, the program will place our students on a pathway to successfully become fully credentialed Single Subject or Multiple Subject teachers in the State of California.


Poder de los Padres

The Poder de los Padres program at The Foundation for Hispanic Education works to empower parents as family and community leaders, as they are the student’s first teachers and are key proponents for their child’s educational success. Our parents will learn from our staff and each other about how to provide knowledge as change agents and leaders, in order to motivate their children to graduate from high school and pursue a post-secondary education.



CLEI, in partnership with The Foundation for Hispanic Education and Santa Clara University’s Graduate School of Education and Counseling Psychology, is the Title Sponsor and Event Host for the following event:


Latino Education Summit: Silicon Valley

The Latino Education Summit: Silicon Valley (LES) will identify and discuss bold, transformative approaches for educating Latino students of working-class families in Silicon Valley. Additionally, LES will feature breakout sessions led by subject matter experts, a community-focused resource fair, and social media classes for students. Presenters will share research, evidenced-based best practices, and other educational innovations that have been shown to promote the success of Latinos, particularly for English language learners from low-income communities.