The Foundation for Hispanic Education

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 The Foundation was established in 1981 as a product of the late Dr. B. Roberto Cruz’s vision of providing quality education and support for all underserved learners, with a focus on Latino students.

Committed to its mission to identify, understand, and address the Latino education achievement gap through innovation and collaboration, the Foundation continually funds and provides resources to local and national initiatives undertaking educational issues facing minorities in innovative ways.

Serving the East San Jose community for over 30 years, the Foundation currently operates the Center for Latino Education and Innovation along with three charter high schools.



A History of Growth

Since our founding in 1981, The Foundation for Hispanic Education (TFHE) grew from a two room building in Oakland, California, to an 11-acre campus in East San Jose. Chosen for its proximity, to the third largest Hispanic population in California, the San Jose campus features a three- story, 65,000 square foot learning facility with 18 classrooms, two computer laboratories, 2 science laboratories, a library, a Student Academic Assistance Center, administrative offices, a plaza/amphitheater, and athletic fields.





A Future of Service in the Community

The Foundation for Hispanic Education has committed to ensuring that its campus continues to serve the educational needs of San Jose and the broader Hispanic Community. Moving forward with that commitment, TFHE campus now houses:


  •    The Center for Latino Education and Innovation (C.L.E.I), an alliance between TFHE and Santa Clara University’s School of Education and Counseling Psychology have created a unique “Pre-K to college education pipeline” with a concentration on educational achievement, attainment, and advancement.


  •     New Teacher Project (NTP) – Through the New Teacher Project, formerly known as BTSA, TFHE strives to ensure all teachers are continuously building their content knowledge, pedagogical, and classroom management skills, to meet the academic needs of all students. Teachers holding a preliminary credential will be supported and encouraged to successfully complete the NTP induction program to qualify for a clear credential.


  •     Voices - Voices is a network of TK-8  public college-prep schools, currently operating Voices-Franklin Mckinley, Voices- Morgan Hill and Voices- Mt. Pleasant, which is located on The Foundation for Hispanic Education campus. Voices offers students with world-class academic preparation that honors their cultural heritage through its dual-immersion program.


  •     Latino College Preparatory Academy “Motivate, Support, Prepare”-In 2001, in response to the burgeoning Latino population in San Jose, TFHE established a bilingual charter school, Latino College Preparatory Academy (LCPA). Since then, LCPA’s mission has been to enable underserved high school English Language Learners (ELL) to become bi-literate in English and Spanish and proficient in mathematics and science while remaining culturally responsive to ensure their ability to successfully complete requirements for a high school diploma and pursue post-secondary educational opportunities. LCPA has the goal to attract and maintain a cohesive teaching familia and to develop all teachers to become community responsive Master Teachers.


  •     Luis Valdez Leadership Academy "Leading, Persevering, College-Going"- In 2014, TFHE opened its second charter high school serving the East San Jose community, Luis Valdez Leadership Academy(LVLA). LVLA is committed to providing a rigorous academic program designed to instill a lifelong passion for learning and to equip students with the skills for social and academic success at four colleges, universities and local community colleges. LVLA has embodied the legacy of its namesake- Luis Valdez - by integrating visual arts, performing arts, and digital media programs into its curriculum. LVLA provides incoming teachers with a teaching environment that fosters creativity, personal growth and a strong sense of community. 


  •     Roberto Cruz Leadership Academy "Learning, Serving, Leading"- In 2015,TFHE opened its third charter high school, Roberto Cruz Leadership Academy (RCLA), serving the East San Jose community. RCLA will honor the legacy and vision of its namesake, Dr. B. Roberto Cruz, by making it its mission to inspire and cultivate competent, ethical educational leaders that are committed to serving their community. RCLA will provide founding teachers with culture and innovation.