TFHE Alumni Winter Mixer Recap

Our TFHE Alumni Winter Mixer event was a major success! It was an eventful night where Alumni from different classes of TFHE schools were able to catch up and share their academic achievements while enjoying delicious tacos from Bravo! House of Enchiladas, founded and owned by one of our alumni panelists for that evening! Our beloved Alumni were also able to gain some insight by Pedro Quintana (Alumni Coordinator) on why it is crucial to benefit from professional tools such as LinkedIn and how they should be appropriately utilized. The objective of engaging with these tools is to build connections with others that share the same career interests.

Throughout the night, Alumni had the fantastic opportunity to hear testimonials from four different professional panelists where they discussed the steps they took to be successful in business, education, and the food industry. Additionally, these expert panelists not only talked about their successes but their failures as well. Although their careers are in different fields, it was quite enlightening to see how these professional panelists were able to connect through their similar mindsets of pursuing goals and overcoming obstacles.

A powerful and motivating message was conveyed to Alumni, “It is okay to fail because failure is what makes you successful.”. Alumni were able to leave with a determination to continue pursuing their academic, career, and personal goals. Just as important, Alumni were ready to go with new connections. Our professional panelists shared their contact information with our Alumni, where they can reach out to them for advice and possibly even collaborate on a project in the future. It truly is beautiful to see how connections are built within the community and how valuable they can be for personal growth and success. If you are an Alumni of any of the TFHE Schools and would like to be a part of an active community and build even more connections, you can email Brittany Alvarez (Pathway to College Program and Career Readiness Director) Ask her about the Alumni Association 2020 and how you can join!

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