Karina Castro - Latino College Preparatory Academy Senior

Karina Castro is a current senior at Latino College Preparatory Academy (LCPA) with a high ambition to one day become a dermatologist. Karina was the Secretary for her Junior Class Committee and now is the Secretary for the Associated Student Body (ASB) at LCPA. Her role is to incorporate ideas in support of the entire school, take notes of relevant information presented by her team, and send emails to appropriate faculty in regards to the well-being of LCPA. Her leadership role does not stop there; she is also a part of a dance club at LCPA named, “La Luna Folklorico Group,” where she stands beside the instructor and helps teach the class to groups of students. Outside of school, Karina is a part of Los Lupeños de San Jose, a 50-year-old Mexican folk dance group that embraces Mexican culture through the art of Folkloric dancing. Although it is her passion to dance Folkloric, Karina mainly does it to show pride in her culture.

As an East San Jose resident, Karina believes that all schools in The Foundation for Hispanic Education (TFHE) have a secure connection with students coming from the same background. All TFHE schools provide a sense of comfort for those students that may feel unwanted at other institutions. Overall, The Foundation for Hispanic Education provides its educational services to a broad spectrum of students. Although TFHE schools are smaller institutions with fewer students compared to other schools, Karina feels more appreciated and closer to her peers since a secured environment is present at these institutions. Karina feels more comfortable talking to her teachers since they tend to be very attentive to all of their students.

Karina says that she has had a fantastic experience thus far at LCPA, considering the smallest aspects. She mentions how the campus is very clean daily, which enhances her to learn better due to a clean and comfortable setting. All TFHE schools embrace all types of cultures. The passion that these schools have in incorporating culture into education has helped Karina become a better student and person overall.

Karina strives to come back to LCPA and contribute to the well-being of her community once she graduates by participating in Summer Bridge Programs and serving as a mentor to incoming Freshman or struggling students. Advice that Karina has for incoming Freshman is to make strong relationships with teachers, upper-class men, and not to be afraid to seek help.