Teaching in Today’s Political Climate: Caring and Resisting

I have a career that I love dearly. I hold numerous college degrees. I am bilingüe.

These are some of my privileges that I hold.

Privilege is an inherent part of our current social order and as educators, we must own that certain people are afforded certain privileges that others are not given.

My privilege also consists of a nine-digit social security number that allows me to cross both intellectual and geographic borders. This is a privilege that our society continues to arbitrarily withhold from students and families that you likely see each day, including many of my own family members.

This too is part of my journey. This too is part of millions of K-12 students’ journeys.

As educators, it is crucial that we routinely reflect on our privilege and positionality and own the fact that who we are is just as relevant in education as who our students are.

Two years ago, I had the privilege of graduating from San José State University’s Educational Leadership program. As part of the program, I met two Latina professors that continued to mentor me and provide me with opportunities, even after I graduated from the program. Dr. López, one of my professors urged me to apply to the Heinemann Fellowship program and I was selected!

Since then, I have met and connected with amazing people, such as Tricia Ebarvia and Kim Parker who have provided me with this space and to whom I am extremely thankful. Inspired by them, I hope to keep the cadenita that these two powerful educators have started, not only for me but for everyone who has been part of the #31DaysIBPOC Blog Challenge. Therefore, for this blog, my students, Dafne and Angela (who also happen to be aspiring teachers of color) will contribute their perspectives on teaching and learning in today’s political climate, as they recount their testimonios of activism and of their college-bound journey as DREAMers and allies.

Read the testimonies of two LVLA Lions here: https://medium.com/@irenecastillon/teaching-intodays-political-climate-caring-and-resisting-40e0f136636a.