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LCPA Kicks off the Summer with the Ivy League Program

The Foundation for Hispanic Education believes that it’s students should experience what it feels like to walk on a college campus. The Foundation’s three schools; Latino College Preparatory Academy, Luis Valdez Leadership Academy, and Roberto Cruz Leadership Academy share the same value of exposing their students to local, in-state and out of state college campuses. Luis Valdez Leadership Academy has been exposing their talented and promising students to the nation's best schools for three years now and Latino College Preparatory Academy (LCPA) has launched their Ivy League College Program in July 2016. The program encourages students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds to apply Ivy League schools. LCPA students met with campus tour guides that not only show them around the campus, but also informed them on how to prepare themselves in high school in order to higher their acceptance chances. LCPA students visited universities such as Georgetown University, University of Pennsylvania, Princeton University, Columbia University, Yale University, Brown University, Harvard University, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Apart from visiting the universities, students also had the chance to visit historical sites and monuments, such as the Abraham Lincoln Memorial, Korean War Memorial, Martin Luther King Memorial, Washington Monument, Central Park and Time Square.

The trip to the East Coast was a first time visit for many of LCPA’s students. The first time going on a trip without family, the first time boarding a plane, and the first time leaving the state of California for a few. One of the students who was a part Ivy League Program, Lucydania Robles, now a Junior at LCPA, said “the trip exposed her to new environments and people that she was not accustomed to being around”. Visiting campuses on the East Coast has prepared Lucydania on what she needs to do to higher her chances of getting into an Ivy League School. “I think that I definitely would be willing to move away from my family here in San Jose if I were to get accepted into a college on the East Coast. It definitely would be a huge change moving from one side of the country, but I think that's an important part of growing up. People should be open to experiencing the world alone, and I know that my parents would be supportive of my decision” - Lucydania Robles, LCPA Junior. LCPA leadership and the Foundation's Director of College Access and Awareness, David Melena are working diligently on 2017 planning phases and expect another fruitful trip.




TFHE Welcomes the Hispanic Foundation of Silicon Valley

The Foundation for Hispanic Education (TFHE) is always looking for ways to bring more helpful resources to students and families. In September of this year, TFHE has partnered with The Hispanic Foundation of Silicon Valley (HFSV). HFSV is a non-profit organization that brings Latino children and families resources that range from college readiness workshops, parent involvement programs and leadership development workshops for professionals. The Hispanic Foundation of Silicon Valley has brought these resources in the form of instructional modules and prep courses to the Foundation's students, families and community members.

HFSV has been helping our organization by preparing Seniors from Latino College Preparatory Academy (LCPA) for the SAT. Students have been meeting with CollegeSpring, a partner of HFSV, on a weekly basis from Monday through Thursday to review the core fundamentals of the SAT Exam. CollegeSpring offers the only SAT test curriculum program specifically designed to help low-income and first-generation college-bound students achieve scores that reflect their true abilities. Students received 40 hours of SAT test preparation, took 4 full-length diagnostic SAT exams, and received score reports to identify areas for improvement. CollegeSpring has had great success increasing SAT scores for our students. Additionally, HFSV has helped established a computer workstation for our students families. The goal of having the computer workstation is for families to have easy access to their children's college applications and resources related to STEM. The computer station’s ribbon cutting date is November 30, 2016 and will take place in the Student Success Center of Sobrato Hall.

Most recently, a family from Luis Valdez Leadership Academy (LVLA) has been recognized from by HFSV for their community involvement. The Cervantez Family of Silicon Valley were Honorees of this Year’s Hispanic Foundation Ball and received the Prestigious La Familia Award for their work in the  Immigration Rights organization, SIREN (Service Immigration Rights and Educational Services). Mayela Razo-Cervantez, has been recognized as a champion for her long-term involvement with SIREN. Husband, Martin Cervantez, also volunteers with SIREN under their Leadership Development Team. Together, Mayela and Martin underwent a 12-month training commitment that centered on political training, understanding how a bill becomes a law, public speaking, and media training. Their children, brothers Leonardo and Gerardo, also volunteer alongside their parents as youth leaders. Mayelaand Martin also work with other parents in LVLA’s Poder de los Padres program (Parent Empowerment program) to encourage them to stay active in their children’s education. To read more about the Cervantez’s family community involvement, click here.

Photo: Cervantez Family

The Foundation for Hispanic Education is looking forward to keeping the Hispanic Foundation of Silicon Valley as a long-term partner. “The Hispanic Foundation is very proud to be located in East San Jose, serving our community. We are tremendously blessed to have found a new home for the Family College Success Center at the Foundation for Hispanic Education. From our beautiful new home, we can serve the community in top notch facilities and offer them services to get onto a college-bound path” - Maria O’Hollearn, Program Director, Family College Success Center.